Paul Valderama
1 min readJul 1, 2022

Had a good chest workout, four different exercises with four sets.

Next week you’re going 5 Exercises 5 sets.

Then 6 exercises 5 sets.

Then 7 exercises 5 sets.

Had a really good boxing workout, strength and skill is there.

You are about 60% fitness of your peak … just imagine where you’ll be in 6 months ooooo weeeeeee you finna finish this year off strong as hell. Your next summer bitch…… finna be ab central…you finna be in these streets

You’re going to continue to increase exercises, increase strength, increase conditioning, will be doing fast twitch muscles with boxing, and strength with lifting heavy.

You want to be built for strength with conditioning and mobility.

Once you reach peak physique, conditioning, and strength you will create a maintenance program

As time goes on, workouts will become more enjoyable and more social. Stay locked in, switch things up, celebrate goals, have fun with it.

Eventually you’ll be skipping rope, swimming, etc.

There will be a standard amount of weight and workouts to perform, its just as important to do the boxing for conditioning and training.




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