Went 12 rounds, dropped 2 lbs, this week is looking good for the workout

Tomorrow I have legs, so I think I’ll drop another 1 1/2–2 lbs, boxing Thursday 2 lbs , Friday 1 lb which will bring me in the range of 213.5–212 lbs

You’re still considering adding a 6th day, we’ll see how you feel this week.

Your next milestone. Started at 228 to 216. I would like the next milestone to be 205.

This week should get you in the range of 213.5–212 , which would mean 3 weeks from now you should reach 205. The week of August 12

Next milestone 216 => 205, 195, 185, 175

  • tomorrow you have legs. walk 10 bike 10.
  • squat 225, deadlift 225, squat press add 20, leg curl, leg extension
  • 45 25, 45 35, 45 45



Man I feel drained post workout even with eating.

Going to drink more water and sleep more, aim for 7!

Find positive support, and set up boundaries, continue to be you and be happy.

It’s expected, shine on your own, never let someone box you in to thinking the worse of you

Continue to put in work, build your future, build with decent people.

Let see what the business gon be

Aiming for 213 this week. Eat more, sleep more, drink more water

You have to put up some React projects now, tie it all up with frontend to backend. Testing

Solidify Algorithms

Project I want to build, form for Tech Ed Program,


Car Auction Site




Had a strong leg day, went in on the squat, deadlift, and curls. Met Gabby, she a nice one forreal.

Today you will be going over Runtime Complexity to determine how performant an algorithm is. How much processing power/time is required to run your algorithm.

I think I need coffee, then going to walk snoh with a stick.

going to work on algorithms , walk snoh, work on react



I’m not sure what i’m writing about, $2k a week….

I would just travel and eat

workout splits

chest/tris, back/bis, legs,
boxing: core, shoulders, cardio

  • Chest / Tris: cardio 15
  • Boxing : core, shoulders
  • Back / Bis : cardio 15
  • Boxing : core, shoulders
  • Legs : core, cardio 15
  • plank, elbow plank, alternating elbow planks, rotating side planks
  • crunches, reach arounds
  • leg lifts, alternate leg lifts
  • Russian Twists.



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