Paul Valderama
2 min readJun 22, 2022

You are just about done with the basics of React, You will return next week to start to work on projects.

Just picture yourself being a React developer. Able to bring in income remotely, able to start businesses.

Being able to do all things react, having backend knowledge, being able to solve algorithms.

It’s all in the plan, and make $2k a week. Bro……Making that much money, means you can order take out, have an exclusive gym membership, nice apartment, be able to travel, get a nice whip, fresh wardrobe.

That amount of energy, in to knowing the material. Know what’s at stake…put in the time and effort to work on your craft.

React developer, node, algorithms,

getting bank. nice apartment, rent boats, go to games, nice restaurant, remodel backyardv

You can travel to different cities, eat the different food, work and live in different cities. Rent rarris, private jets,

Work and live in different cities, get $, date

Party in different cities, go on adventures, experience different celebrations, go to live events

Try you luck in different cities, different seasons, different countries

I want to go North West, Mid West, Down South, South East

I want to go Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines

I want to go Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden

I want to go South America

I want to go to Canada

These next couple months are the hard work, glow up.

You are going to become a software engineer, that is super fit, with $.

and freedom…

You will finish your react course, finish the projects, complete your own projects

  • continue with algorithms
  • apply, interview, build
  • Daily morning workouts:
  • cardio, lifting, boxing, biking, hiking

My health will balance out the mental work

in a couple months you will be sought out for as an engineer and super fit.

You’ll get multiple offers.

Making $2k + per week, great america if you want, weekends at the wineries, ferry rides around the bay, weekends in LA,


super fit, with a career, freedom to travel,



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