Paul Valderama
1 min readJul 8, 2022


how you feeling?

body going through it haha

10 rounds tho!

On pace for 12 rounds next week, have to tweak in between glove rounds

You’re introducing yourself to women in the gym. Just be cool with it :)

You clocked in at your goal weight for the week and still have back and shoulders tomorrow with one last cardio session, great week!

React is coming along, you went through a lifecycle app, had good react fundamentals, constructor, passing in props, establishing state, creating loadData method and calling it once component mounts, using other lifecycles. you call different methods. like once the component is disposed or updated.

You now have algorithms to work on again. This takes concentration, comprehension, and execution.

Get your energy up, and your mind ready, you’re good to go.

Take snoh to dog park, bring treats and water.

Leash training with Snoh is getting better, be consistent, if all it takes is to be consistent and have treats, anything is possible.

Ears healing, inside and out. he’s eating new kibble. want to see if he’ll eat old kibble before disposing it.

Snoh’s bday is coming up, I’ve had him for 10 months, with little to no accident occur. It’s nice to have a buddy, he’s funny



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