you are on your motherfuckin grind bro 222lbs leggo

so far this week, you had a solid chest, crazy hoop, boxing 8 rounds, daily cardio on point.

Doing well on the stretching, monitor aches, massage and rest!

Have to step up in engineering, today you will be documenting the project for lifecycle methods. You got it!

You will also be starting up the algorithm today, all gas no break

You got this ! one lesson at a time, get to building, get to interviewing!!

At the end of the day, it would be great to have a job where you travel. It would be great to be a software engineer. Whether thats with the Pacquiao foundation or not.

If its with the Pacquiao Foundation that would be great, if not build it yourself. You never needed anyone to validate what you know. It may take more work but build something you can stand on. Be proud of.



Navigating through health, tech, and helping Filipinos

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