Paul Valderama
1 min readJul 6, 2022

Be the man every day.

Hooped, it was fun. Keep the fitness life going

Tomorrow you have 8 rounds of boxing, bumped up 2 rounds from last session.

I want you to go jab, one two, one two three, planks, sit ups in between

4th round go shoulders lateral / front raises, shoulder press / shoulder pull

body, slips, combos, power shots,

Wednesday you’re back to lifting, going legs: deadlift, squat, leg press, leg curl, leg extension

You weigh today after eating 225, so you’re probably 223 ish, should end the week around 220. Will probably end the following week 216.

Things start to get real once you cross the 185 mark, so by mid September you’ll be in great shape.

You want to enter your bday at 175. you can do this man. You continue to box, hoop, incline walk, lift HEAVY, and diet…this weight should fly off and you’ll be super smart too

Lifting heavy bro.

chest chiseled

abs ripped up

legs defined

back shredded

you going to get 2.5 plates on the bench, 3 plates on the squat, 4 plates on the dead lift

you going to be able to go 12 rounds, defense, offense, footwork.

you going to play full court

you going to be flexible, ripped, stamina

Land the remote job.

Travel the world.

Party, date, live life to the fullest.

You have about 20–30 golden years left. What do you want to build, what do you want to experience.



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