7/25 Mindset for the week

Paul Valderama
1 min readJul 26, 2021

I have some interesting things in play, but I have to stay committed to my grind.

  • morning CTCI
  • daily boxing and diet
  • JS5 Grizzy
  • techEd info, pictures, bullet points for website
  • update Jon with Philippine Consulate, Kapwa Gardens estimate
  • Tuesday lunch with Philippine Consulate
  • eat good, study well, train hard, rest
  • always be optimistic, don’t mind the hate just keep pushing
  • practice anxiety relief tactics, take scheduled breaks, walk between study sessions, water snacks healthy living

I’m going in this week feeling focused and ready, sharp and optimistic. Going in knowing there will be anxious moments, but I am equipped to handle it. There’s nothing to prevent me from becoming really good as an engineer. I’ve shifted my mindset, set healthy boundaries, challenge thoughts, combat anxiety. I feel like I’m in a really good space, and its only a matter of time where I can live guilt and shame free. Be proud of the life you built.

By the end of August, you should complete Big O, Technical Questions, JS5, started algorithms / project to build.

September you should be doing algorithms daily, and applying

11 chapters Beginning with algorithms

  • chapter a day — three
  • 3 weeks of work
  • start applying august after

Mornings Interview Prep: algorithms, big O, system design, etc.

Afternoon and Night: Software Engineering JS5, contributing to projects, and building your own.



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