6/6/22 afternoon

Again, you understand the concepts deeper after seeing them again. I have never understood Big O notation as much as I do today, and I feel really good about it.

I’m starting to understand what makes a good algorithm, How can one optimize a solution. This will strengthen my skills as an engineer.

Continue to make progress. This week, its Big O, Getting some algorithm solutions recorded. React lessons recorded.

You will look back at this week as a very pivotal moment in your study grind, as more complicated concepts begin to look more familiar and less intimidating.

Once through React, building projects will being to feel more fun again. You have to keep making strides as the weeks and months pass by.

By the end of June I would like 10+ Algorithm Videos Up. React curriculum completed with 10+ React videos up.

By End of July you have React Projects up with interview prep on lock.

By End of August you will have backend projects up with interview prep on lock.

Continue to get better each day, the more often you see the material the easier it is to understand.

Everyday, Algorithms, React, Node, Interview Prep, Application, Interview…Get better at something and keep at it until you are undeniable at all topics!

Getting multiple offers, and picking the best one is where you want to be at. You are facing a recession. So putting up these videos are great to branch off and teach on your own. Or great to get you in position for the ideal opportunity regardless of economic status .

I’m hoping opportunities will continue to grow throughout the year, I should be interviewing by July. Offer by mid August. Finish the year with a new company. Start making $2.1k a week !!!!

3 Mos at a position, 6 mos saved, go live life

Getting a place close by. Walking the beaches…..

Making enough money to be comfortable, have money saved, money to invest, money to live.

You’ll be able to work hard, enjoy the beaches, live life, save money….its the dream.

buy property on the island bruddah. Get the shit moving bruddah

businesses on businesses, passive income,

beach walk in the morning, code at a cafe or at campus, gym life, weekend outings.

Going on adventures in nature.

Dont you want to be hella fit at this time tho. Like super fit bruh…Abbed up, strong, stamina, flexible, dress good …that is where it would be sweet.

Having career on lock, being super fit, savings, capitol to invest, money to play…

I would get a nice apartment, nice gym membership, eat good, rent the rari, travel to different islands. travel to different countries.

Live an enjoyable adventure of a life. Experience new cultures, new settings, new food.

Go to games, fights, theme parks, beaches, national parks, cities.

So if you study daily, for 3 months, this can be your life.

Study Algorithms and React Daily

Study Node, testing, interview prep

Interview by July

Just keep going, keep at it, keep getting better. You’ll then reach a point where you’ll be competitive for companies like Disney, Tesla, Porsche, Nike, etc.

You will eat clean and portioned. You will be active as much as you can. You will be very smart and sharp. Projects at hand, with interview prep. Sign for 6 figure deal. Work your ass off, reap the benefits.

You decide where you want to live, although I believe that Hawaii is the place for you.

Most important thing is getter better each day. Take your breaks, Decompress, Get back to the grind.

Eventually the hard work will pay off. Just continue to work, continue to adjust, continue to get better, speak on the material, build, and interview. Leave no stone unturned. Be Undeniable .

Who knows what will happen, all the better idea to build your own companies. Go into business for yourself.



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