fam you stepped on the scale already light from the weekend. and then…you had an elite workout before class and during class and came out the weight you PR’d at last week. Thats unheard of. And to me, that tells me I’m in for a big week. Reason being, my weight got stalled after a night of drinking.

But I continue to put in the work at the gym, and on the nutrition side. I had a stalled week, got back on track week, and now its looking like I’m going to have a possible 5 -7 pound week. I think 5 lbs would be solid. Even breaking 190 and landing at 187.5 would be dope to me. But it’s possible for me to break 185 this week….thats fire. That means I may be at 182–180 by the time Disneyland vacay begins.

Just stay locked in man. Continue to stay in your lane fitness, coding, tech ed, nutrition. continue to stay looking fly, talk to as many girls as you can. I like the fact that you’re trying to remove weed. Really owning in on controlling your anxiety and becoming the best version of you.

No weed = more money for food, dates, a dog

Either way, The big goals for this summer was to lock in on the weight. which you are in the process of dominating!!!!!

Continue to get better as an engineer, which you are working on.

Continue to build tech Ed program with Pacquiao Foundation.

Continue building boxing program with 3rd street boxing.

Honestly at the end of the year you’re going to be looking fire. 170, 10% bf, tech ed program, engineer, global traveling. $ in the bank, businesses starting up, repair relationships. clear debt, clear furniture, build savings account, start businesses.

Where can you see yourself happy. Hella fit, business thriving, $, time with family and loved ones.

How do you see this playing out….I see myself getting super locked in on health. Not letting that shake. I see the business thriving, as Jon and the board members will see how much work we can put in, and what it can become to create a tech ecosystem. I see Song continuing to support me as I teach and build this partnership. I see myself developing a partnership with 3rd St. Boxing and the Pacquiao Foundation.

I really don’t worry about time when it comes to the tech Ed Ecosystem. Because it involves many different partners, it will take time to organize. Patience will work best in my favor, to grow this at a pace that is suitable for everyone involved. The investors, the students, the teachers.

Health, I honestly see myself locking in to 170 in the next few months. I’m 190 today, with a forecast of 5 lbs this week and maybe 3–4 more lbs the week after. Looking to enter Disneyland at possibly 182–180 lbs. I then come back, workout for a week, and hopefully back to weight before vacation. 185–180.

That would mean I am 15–10 lbs away from goal weight entering July. 4–6 weeks of Paleo, lowe carb, Lifting, boxing classes,

Mid August is when I can see myself achieving 170 under 10% bf. That means August will bring up new goals, new diet. Focus will be on healthy heart diet, conditioning, strength, and functionality. Boxing, BJJ, lifitng, yoga, hoop, barrys, equinox, hiking, 5ks, tough mudders

If mid august is the health goals, Realistically I have the entire year to reach 170 under 10% bf, but its good to set goals to aim for.

Were entering Mid June today, I would like to finish JS5 by mid August. By the time my UI benefits end. So that Song is confident in paying me.

This June I’d like to get the deck for the Marketing and Design bootcamp, get introduced to the director of the Banatao Foundation.

July I’d like to set a meeting with Jon and the director of the Banatao Foundation. And secure a boxing partnership with 3rd St Boxing gym.

June : 185–180 lbs, JS5, Marketing Deck, Banatao Intro to Director

July: 180–175, JS6, Banatao Director and Jon

August: 170 under 10% bf, Pacquiao vs Spence

Every morning:You lift back, chest, compound legs, accessory legs. You Box.

Every Afternoon: low carb, protein healthy fats. JS5, MPF work.

Every Night: movies, plan things for every 2 mons or 3 mons to keep you excited, have things to look forward to.

When can you feel secure? Once I start getting paid from the Pacquiao Foundation consistently and I know what my work will be for the year. From then I can start building the curriculum. Plan fun things around my year.

Just take things off your plate one at a time.First is the weight, then maintenance diet and workout. Then c0d3 curriculum, then Banatao. Then boxing program.

You work on these things little by little over time, and you’ll be able to look back years from now knowing what you achieved when you locked in.



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