Paul Valderama
1 min readJun 2, 2022


Unemployment denied, things getting real. On the good side the lawyer made some advancements.

You got another algorithm under your belt. this was interesting as you’re comparing data and manipulating it using nested loops.

Went through JSX, I like working on React, the more I see it the more I understand it. I want to build cool projects soon.

Cool projects include: crypto, covid, sports, news, login, oAuth

It’ll be September hopefully by then, your record is clear, you’re an awesome engineer, and you have opportunities lined up.

I would like multiple offers from companies.

I would like to be really good at algorithms, big o notation

I would like to be really good at React.

I would like to be really good at Node.

I would like to be able to implement oAuth and membership logins

How will you get there?

Be undeniable, be consistent, be good to yourself, and teach others learn with others, build projects, interview, learn from interviewing



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